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The 13th Annual


About last Year's Festival

The 2022 UIUC Student Film Festival is a celebration of student creativity and ingenuity, showcasing short films made by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Student filmmakers may be challenged by any number of obstacles, but their creative momentum continues unabated. Our event is proud to offer a platform for their work. As it has in the past, the UIUC Student Film Festival (formerly Illinifest) collects student-produced content in multiple formats and genres. Our plan for 2022 is to hold its first in-person event in three years this Spring. However, to accommodate those with health concerns, we will continue the live-streaming alternative. Afterwards, the festival films will be available for viewing on the UIUC Student Film Festival website. Even as pandemic precautions continue to create unprecedented obstacles, the UIUC Student Film Festival continues to support student filmmaking and the diverse voices of the University’s creative community.

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