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Don't Stop Daydreaming




Cinematic Short Film

Film Description

The inspiration for this project came when I first listened to the album HAN by Berhana. It felt like the perfect music to match epic cinematic shots of a city. After choosing some songs and brainstorming some ways to capture the beautiful city of Chicago, I thought about what I should aim to accomplish with the video. How can I inspire viewers? What message can I incorporate? It came down to simply, "Don't stop daydreaming". The phrase is a lesson I learned whilst quarantined- my way of remembering to keep seeking inspiration, keep creating, and keep fighting for a better Earth. I hope this video inspires you as much as it did me. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE- just don't stop daydreaming!

About the Filmmaker

I, J Cubed, create enthralling cinematic short films and visuals with epic shots and unique transitions.

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