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Racism is Everywhere out Here





Film Description

Three African American men, Derick Brown, Atiba Flemons, and Jeffrey Taylor, were routinely harassed for their race at UIUC Facilities and Services. Now, they're fighting for change with a class action lawsuit.

About the Filmmaker

Carson Wang attends the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is president and founder of For Art's Sake, a registered student organization offering free, weekly screenings and lectures on cinema art. Before college, he held positions as Student Producer at Carbondale Community Arts, where he directed a cinéma vérité documentary, and Intern at the Library of Congress's Moving Image Research Center/Motion Picture Reading Room. Nick Arroyo is a senior majoring in Media & Cinema Studies and History. He is co-president of C-U Cinefile, and works part-time doing television production at Illinois Public Media on campus.

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