To submit your film, please take the time to fill out the information below.

The UIUC Student Film Festival is accepting submissions from UIUC students, filmmaking clubs, and production classes. Films should be submitted in a digital format via the webform below. You can submit a short film of any genre, “home movie” greetings from home or a TikTok video. Entries for short films must exceed one minute and not surpass 10 minutes in duration. “Home movies” should be no longer than 3 minutes. TikTok videos can be shorter than one minute. We look forward to showcasing your creative imagination!


Short films can be in any format or genre. Drama and comedy shorts. Music videos and dance films. Documentaries and Travelogues. Video essays, experimental films, and animation. An audience award of $100 will be given to the favorite film.


We’re also accepting “home movies!” Send creative, upbeat messages to your friends, classes and the campus at large. Audiences will vote on the most creative and the winner gets a $75 gift card.

We welcome Tik Tok videos! Send us a short burst of Social Media creativity. Show us your Quarantine Dance! Tell a joke! Take a pie in the face! Show us a silly trick or talent! The favorite Tik Tok will receive a $50 gift card. This year, the UIUC Student Film Festival will include a special award for short films that address themes of Social Justice and advocacy for underrepresented communities. The recipient of the First Annual UIUC Student Film Festival “World Building” Award will receive a $100 gift card.